Winds of Ike

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Hay I finally have electricity again after several days without it.  I am so inspired now that I have a computer up and running again, that I intend on updating this blog more often now.  I thought I would start my renewed dedication to this blog with my story of our recent and crazy wind storm which was actually the remnants of Hurricane Ike.

It was Sunday and we decided to go for a small family outing.  It was just me, my wife Katy, and our, now 18 month old daughter Abby.  We were going to the book store and maw maw told us to be careful because of the wind advisories.  I have driven in strong winds before and I thought I knew what to expect.  The drive wasn’t bad, but the winds were really picking up by the time we got to the book store Borders on Taylorsville Road.  As I was getting Abby out of her car seat, the wind blew the car door against me and that was just the beginning.  It was a nice sunny day otherwise, and the wind felt very nice.  I held Abby up in the air and she pretended to be and airplane.  When we got into the store, the outer section has some bargain books and we were checking those out until the wind blew the doors open and starting blowing books off the shelves.  We decided that inside the store would be a little safer.  As we browsed the isles, or more accurately, I chased Abby around, the lights went off.  There must have been a generator giving juice to a few lights and the large windows made it possible to still shop around in the dark store.  Katy couldn’t find the book she was looking for, but we found a cool book for Abby whose cover had and elephant riding a bicycle: two of her favorite things!  After purchasing the book we went out to face the winds again.  It was still feeling very nice and I put Abby on my shoulders, but just then, lots of debris and several branches came at us from the trees in the parking lot.  This is when we started getting a little scared.  Abby must have got hit by some debris and she wanted off the shoulders right away.  Many street lights were already out and it was obvious that Borders wasn’t the only place without power.  We did find a Starbucks who had power and couldn’t resist stopping.  The rest of the trip home was pretty crazy.  We saw a firetruck tending to a downed power line which had set a bush aflame right next to a gas station.  There was a power line hanging across the Waterson Expressway creating a horrible traffic jam in both directions, but we were fortunate enough to go under that mess and escape many hours of waiting in the car with a tired Abby.  Several large trees had already fallen and this wind storm was proving to be very serious.  We finally made it to maw maw’s house via a gauntlet of back streets which weren’t blocked by fallen trees or power lines.  Our electricity was off for a few days, but many are still without power.   We had to empty out the entire refrigerator, but that was sort of a blessing in disguise because it really needed to be done anyway.

We were blessed to escape major damage, and our thougts and prayers go out to those who suffered losses during the storm, and to those still without power.



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Just wanted to write a quick note and let the people know what’s going on behind the scenes at Jimmy Music Photography We have been changing the look of the site and most of the pages have switched over to the new style. The website actually has a new address now; what used to be, is now being redirected to We really just wanted an easier phrase to type. We are still frantically working on the site and there are plenty of bugs to fix as well as many different plans we have for it. Please be patient as we try our best at web development, for we are photographers and are merely dabbling in the art of web design! It’s very interesting to see how a single line of code can effect an entire page, but at the same time, it’s frustrating when you can’t find that one line that is causing a problem! There will be some changes with the blog, mostly just more pictures added. We are also creating a forum where people can discuss and find information on all things wedding. So look out for that! In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop us an email at


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So far, this winter hasn’t been pretty sad in the snow department. In fact, we haven’t really seen much snow in the last couple years. But there have been a couple occasions recently where Abby finally got to experience it. Back a couple weeks, it was snowing pretty good and we got her dressed in her snow suit and I grabbed the camera as fast as we could. You see, a couple weeks before that, it was snowing real pretty outside, and by the time we got ready to go, the snow had stopped. But we finally caught it this time. While there wasn’t any accumulation, it was snowing pretty heavy and Abby got her first taste. She started crying at first, she is a little jumpy when things fall towards her, like the leaves in autumn. So she was scared at first, but she finally ‘warmed up’ to the snow and began to experience it. Then last night we got enough snow to accumulate about an inch and so Katy made Abby’s first snow man!

First Snow 1

Experiencing Snow

Standing in the Snow

Sitting in Snow 1

First Snow Man

’08 Predictions

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I hope your holiday season was spectacular! Ours was great. This being Abby’s first holiday year made the whole thing worthwhile. She got to see some snow one day, but it has yet to accumulate on the ground for her to play in. The weather people are predicting near 70 degree weather in the next couple days and this is January! Perhaps February will bring us some snow. Well, I am starting a new job on Monday… I will be a Photographer for! I’m very excited about this. Actually, I am very excited about the year 2008. The last two years for me have gotten better and better. We got married in 2006 and didn’t wait long to get pregnant. That was the best year of my life! Then we (Katy) had Abby in 2007 and that was even better than the year before. It’s 2008 now and while I know we wont be able to match the joy that Abby brought, she is with us every day and we are constantly being blessed with the joy she brings. My prediction for this year? I have a feeling that this year is going to be the greatest year yet. I feel optimistically ambitious about 2008.

Big Smile

Everywhere we go, people are always commenting on what a happy baby Abby is. I can definitely vouch for that one. She wakes up smiling and often laughs in her sleep.

Big Frown

She frowns sometimes too


She loves her mommy!

Getting away

She usually wants to stand on her own and she’s very independent. So far she has yet to take a step by herself, but she stood on her own for 30 seconds yesterday! We are so proud of her!


They don’t come much cuter than this!


This is Didge. He belongs to my Sister’s best friend.

Christmas ’07

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Happy Holidays! Well, I have not been keeping up with the blog just yet, but working on the website has really taken most of my time. I hope everybody has had a wonderful holiday season. This was Abby’s first Christmas, and she had a splendid time. We really enjoyed helping her open her presents and watching her play with her new toys. We spent a lot of time with our families and just had the greatest time! I must say, the food was delicious. Well, I just wanted to post a few pics of our first family Christmas. May you all have a blessed new year!

Abby and Katy
Abby was just so excited to see her new toys!

Cookie Monster
Abby wasn’t real sure about the Cookie Monster at first and she was actually scared of him. But she has since warmed up to his antics and she laughs at him now.

Abby’s table toy

This table top toy has absolutely been her favorite addition to the toy clan. It’s perfect for her because she wants to stand rather than crawl. It’s the perfect height, and there are lots of buttons that each activate music and words to play. It’s made by Leap Frog, and I would definitely recommend it.

Calm Before the Storm
We didn’t get any snow this Christmas, but a wicked looking rain storm rolled through.

This is my nephew Jacob’s mean face. Isn’t he just the cutest dude?

Hello world!

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Howdy all, thanks for coming to check out my blog.  This is the first of many and at this moment in time it’s hard to really predict the places my blog will travel.  For now, the ultimate goal is to teach the world about a thing we like to call “jimmymusicphotography” let’s just abbreviate it as… oh I don’t know, how about JiMP.  Some things such as what we are all about and what we are currently working on are going to be important features of this blog.  I think I’ll start by just talking about myself and my involvement with JiMP. 

My name is Jimmy Music, (big surprise right?) and I am a professional photographer.  Currently, 100% of my income comes from photography which is cool because I just finished earning a BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) degree in photography from UofL (University of Louisville).  I have a full time job at in the photography lab.  Pretty cool, I get to take pictures of shoes.  You might be thinking, “How many shoes can there be?”  Well let me be the first to say that every day I come into work, I see more and more new shoes.  I also have a photography business (JiMP). 

JiMP is a very new service that has only been serving the world for close to 2 months now.  It is very exciting for me and my family who are working with me to turn JiMP into a saught after experience for engaged couples, new parents, seniors in high-school, and many other people.   We aim to provide photographic services of the highest quality and beyond. 

I got married to a beautiful girl on 06-4-06.  Katy is a super splendid and gorgeous woman, and on 03-30-07 I found out that she is a perfect mother as well when she gave birth to our daughter who would within minutes obtain the name Abigail Grace Music.  Abby is…well, there just aren’t words to exclaim what she means to me.  I’ll just put it this way, every thing I do, have done, and ever will do are for her. is currently in the under construction phase and we are making changes to the site every day. 

Alrighty then, well thanks for checking out my first blog and be sure to check back to on the regular!