Hello world!

Howdy all, thanks for coming to check out my blog.  This is the first of many and at this moment in time it’s hard to really predict the places my blog will travel.  For now, the ultimate goal is to teach the world about a thing we like to call “jimmymusicphotography” let’s just abbreviate it as… oh I don’t know, how about JiMP.  Some things such as what we are all about and what we are currently working on are going to be important features of this blog.  I think I’ll start by just talking about myself and my involvement with JiMP. 

My name is Jimmy Music, (big surprise right?) and I am a professional photographer.  Currently, 100% of my income comes from photography which is cool because I just finished earning a BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) degree in photography from UofL (University of Louisville).  I have a full time job at shoes.com in the photography lab.  Pretty cool, I get to take pictures of shoes.  You might be thinking, “How many shoes can there be?”  Well let me be the first to say that every day I come into work, I see more and more new shoes.  I also have a photography business (JiMP). 

JiMP is a very new service that has only been serving the world for close to 2 months now.  It is very exciting for me and my family who are working with me to turn JiMP into a saught after experience for engaged couples, new parents, seniors in high-school, and many other people.   We aim to provide photographic services of the highest quality and beyond. 

I got married to a beautiful girl on 06-4-06.  Katy is a super splendid and gorgeous woman, and on 03-30-07 I found out that she is a perfect mother as well when she gave birth to our daughter who would within minutes obtain the name Abigail Grace Music.  Abby is…well, there just aren’t words to exclaim what she means to me.  I’ll just put it this way, every thing I do, have done, and ever will do are for her.

jimmymusicphotography.com is currently in the under construction phase and we are making changes to the site every day. 

Alrighty then, well thanks for checking out my first blog and be sure to check back to http://www.jimmymusicphotography.com on the regular!


~ by jimmymusic on October 24, 2007.

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