’08 Predictions

I hope your holiday season was spectacular! Ours was great. This being Abby’s first holiday year made the whole thing worthwhile. She got to see some snow one day, but it has yet to accumulate on the ground for her to play in. The weather people are predicting near 70 degree weather in the next couple days and this is January! Perhaps February will bring us some snow. Well, I am starting a new job on Monday… I will be a Photographer for Zappos.com! I’m very excited about this. Actually, I am very excited about the year 2008. The last two years for me have gotten better and better. We got married in 2006 and didn’t wait long to get pregnant. That was the best year of my life! Then we (Katy) had Abby in 2007 and that was even better than the year before. It’s 2008 now and while I know we wont be able to match the joy that Abby brought, she is with us every day and we are constantly being blessed with the joy she brings. My prediction for this year? I have a feeling that this year is going to be the greatest year yet. I feel optimistically ambitious about 2008.

Big Smile

Everywhere we go, people are always commenting on what a happy baby Abby is. I can definitely vouch for that one. She wakes up smiling and often laughs in her sleep.

Big Frown

She frowns sometimes too


She loves her mommy!

Getting away

She usually wants to stand on her own and she’s very independent. So far she has yet to take a step by herself, but she stood on her own for 30 seconds yesterday! We are so proud of her!


They don’t come much cuter than this!


This is Didge. He belongs to my Sister’s best friend.


~ by jimmymusic on January 6, 2008.

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